Seasonal depressions

Fruits and vegetables grow throughout the year and each have their own peak season. Walnuts are usually harvested in the fall, when we may suffer from seasonal depressions. Experts advise us to stay away from fatty foods during this season.

According to dietitians, we should be careful with our diets in the fall season. In this regard it is a good idea to follow the nature and to see what nature has to offer when it’s getting colder outside. Especially hazelnuts and walnuts are available in September. These are rich in Omega 3 and vitamin B, which has a positive effect on seasonal depressions. Since these nuts are high in calories, it is important that you consume only a small amount. Your local supermarket has probably some organic trade section where you may find walnuts as well.

Especially children who are still growing should consume fish twice a week along with walnuts. If consumed in a balanced manner, these will have a positive effect on health.

Crisps, chocolate, crackers and the like may have an adverse effect on our bellies and hips. It’s difficult to abstain from these snacks but at times you may be able to replace these with healthy snacks, such as tomatoes, almonds or coated walnuts.

Keeping your weight and cholesterol under control is very important for your health, along with water consumption. Eating fish once a week and snacking on walnuts every now and then are just small changes you can make in your diet to be and feel healthier. This will also decrease your risks of cardiac diseases.

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