Walnuts and our health

When our veins narrow down, blood clots might occur and arteries might get clogged. In that case the arteries might not get the necessary vitamins and oxygen and die off. If that is the case in the brain, a person might get paralyzed. It this occurs in the heart, the heart muscle or a part thereof might die off, which results in cardiac arrest. Organic nuts may help prevent these type of problems. Our bodies cannot produce linoleic acid, whereas walnuts contain roughly 60% of this component. Therefore walnuts are high in energy while they do not increase our cholesterol. It is therefore recommended to consume it daily. Various species such as the Chandler Walnut, Eastern Europe Walnut and Hartley Walnut are good options in this regard.

The protein, fats and carbohydrates in walnuts, along with the many vitamins and minerals make the nuts more efficient than many vitamin pills.

There are millions of neurons in our brain and new ones aren’t produced by our bodies. However, it is possible to expand their capacity with good nutrition and use. Any walnut supplier or walnut wholesaler will inform you about the many health benefits of walnuts but is important to do your own research as well.

Humans have cultivated walnuts for thousands of years. The trees can bloom for at least 90 years and can stay alive for nearly 1000 years. The trees have many uses, of which one is obviously their fruit. The trees also counter erosion and protects against floods.

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